Glass plays a key role in our windows, constituting one of the most important elements. Thanks to the use of modern solutions, insulating glass offers many benefits, such as protection against heat loss, excessive heating, noise and providing temporary protection against burglary. In our windows, we offer the opportunity to choose between double-glazed and triple-glazed packages.


Insulating glass effectively insulates thermally, ensuring better energy efficiency and reducing heating costs. Thanks to the appropriate selection of glass and coating layers, we can ensure optimal insulating properties, protecting against heat loss in winter and excessive heating of the interior on hot days.


Additionally, our glass can offer excellent noise protection, reducing outside sounds and creating a calm and comfortable interior. They can also function as temporary protection against burglary, thanks to the use of special layers or foils that hinder or delay access to the building interior.


The availability of double-glazed and triple-glazed packages allows you to adjust the glass to your individual needs and preferences. Both double-glazed and triple-glazed windows provide excellent thermal, acoustic and safety properties, giving our customers a wide choice and the ability to optimally adapt the windows to their surroundings and requirements.

Additionally, in our windows, the spaces between the panes are filled with aluminum or the so-called “warm frames”. These frames are available in the color of the window profile and have additional insulating properties.


The use of aluminum or “warm frames” between glass brings many benefits. Firstly, they provide structural reinforcement of the glass, increasing its strength and durability. Additionally, aluminum or “warm frames” have excellent insulating properties, which translates into better energy efficiency of windows.


Filling the spaces between the panes with aluminum or “warm frames” also has a positive effect on reducing thermal bridges. This minimizes heat loss from the interior and improves thermal comfort in the rooms.


Glazing packages allow us to use a large number of combinations of glass: low-emission, self-cleaning, anti-burglary, safe, reflective or ornamental.


Muntins give windows and doors a unique, elegant look.

Our offer includes:

Inner glazing bars

They are part of the glazing unit, permanently mounted in the inter-pane frame. They can be covered with a wood-like coating or painted in any color from the RAL palette. It is possible to use two-tone colors - one color is visible from the outside and another from the inside of the room. Available muntins: 8 mm, 16 mm, 26 mm, 45 mm.

PVC glued muntins (duplex)

They imitate glazing units with an aluminum frame inside the glazing unit, which divides the glass in accordance with the division created by PVC elements. Available muntins: 26 mm, 36 mm, 46 mm.

External aluminum muntins

They imitate separate glazing units and have a special mounting system that allows for easy assembly and disassembly on the outside of the window. Available mullions: 26 mm, 4 5 mm.



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