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The renovation frame system enables the installation of windows without the need to dismantle the existing frames. This is an innovative solution that uses special renovation frames with a masking profile surrounding the wooden door frame and creating a characteristic band on the inside. Additionally, it is possible to use special casing profiles from the outside. Masking profiles come in various widths and can be cut to suit your needs.

Thanks to this solution, there is no need to dismantle existing wooden door frames (or other materials). Renovation frames also have a reduced height so as not to significantly limit the glazing area when installed on an existing door frame. Thanks to this approach, the risk of damage to the building’s facade is avoided, the window replacement time is shortened and the need for repair and painting work is eliminated.

The renovation frame system is an innovative solution that allows for easy modernization of windows without engaging in time-consuming and expensive dismantling works. This is an ideal option for those who want to refresh the appearance of their windows and improve their energy efficiency, while saving time and maintaining the aesthetics of the building’s facade.


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