Scandinavian windows opening outwards

Nord-line is a system that is distinguished by a unique way of opening windows to the outside using profiles with a narrow front surface. This style of opening is particularly characteristic of Scandinavian construction and Scandinavian markets. Due to the fact that the wind presses the wings, the windows become tighter, which increases thermal insulation. An additional advantage of this opening method is saving space inside the room.

The frame of the Nord-line system has an installation width of 120 mm and the leaf is 70 mm. The posts and crossbars were designed in a special, decorative way on the interior side, adding an aesthetic element to the entire structure.

The system is characterized by a modern style with delicate angles and roundings. The Nordline system allows the use of glass packages up to 41 mm thick. Large-section reinforcement increases the stability of the windows.

The Nord-line profile system enables the use of various types of sash opening in window structures, which is typical for the Scandinavian market. Options offered include:

SIDE HUNG: The sash opens to the side, providing a traditional way of opening the window. This type of opening is widely used and known for its simplicity.

Hinged (TOP HUNG): The sash opens upwards, rotating around the axis located on the upper band of the window. This option allows you to partially open the window while maintaining thermal insulation and providing access to fresh air.

Vertically rotatable (SIDE SWING): The sash opens to the side, similarly to casement opening, but can additionally rotate around the horizontal axis. This is useful for providing ventilation while limiting access to the interior of the room.

Horizontally rotated (TOP SWING): The leaf opens upwards and can rotate around a vertical axis. This type of opening is ideal for situations where it is necessary to easily clean the outside surface of the window from inside the room.

Thanks to various types of sashes opening, the Nord-line system provides flexibility in adapting window structures to the individual preferences and needs of the user.


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