IDEAL 4000

IDEAL 4000

Recommended for renovation.

Our IDEAL 4000 windows are a perfect combination of innovative technology and comfortable living.

The structure of profiles with a depth of 70-85 mm and large chambers for steel reinforcements provide excellent static parameters. This allows us to supply large windows. In addition, the multi-room structure guarantees high thermal and acoustic insulation, which translates into comfort in the rooms. This makes the windows from the IDEAL 4000 series an ideal solution for people who value not only modern design, but also high quality and functionality.


We can supply carpentry in this system in both 2- and 3-glass versions, so they can meet all requirements during the renovation of existing buildings.

Product characteristics

Installation depth: 70-85 mm

Width of the frame/leaf set: from 89 mm

Maximum glazing thickness: up to 48 mm

Number of chambers: 5-6

Sealing system: external (2 seals)

Reinforcement system: steel

Available profile styles: classic-line, round-line

Heat transfer coefficient: Uf= 1.3 – 1.4W/m2K

Core colors: white, brown, anthracite

Wind resistance: C4*

Water resistance: 9A*

Air permeability: 4*

Acoustic insulation with 4/16/4 glazing : 34(-2;-5)dB

Maximum acoustic insulation: 45(-1;-3)dB*

Pure elegance in anthracite color

Our latest offer includes stylish windows with an anthracite core that exude modernity and timeless style. As a result, these elegant solutions perfectly fit into interior design trends, enabling the creation of impressive arrangements in line with the latest trends. Therefore, if you choose windows veneered on both sides, you can be sure that the entire cross-section of the profile will be uniformly filled with a deep shade of anthracite. So come and discover the pure elegance we offer in anthracite.


The colors of our windows


AP19 Turner Oak Malt

AP07 Sheffield Oak Alpine

AP21 Sheffield Oak Concrete

AP22 Turner Oak Toffee


AP03 Anthracite Gray (Aludec)

AP04 Jet Black (Aludec)

AP07 Alux DB (Aludec)

AP08 Basalt Gray (Aludec)

AP12 Umbra Gray (Aludec)

AP36 Traffic White (Aludec)

AP37 Window Gray (Aludec)


AP40 Anthracite Gray (wood structure)

AP60 Anthracite Gray (sand structure)

AP61 Gray (sand structure)

AP63 Brushed Aluminum

AP65 Quartz Gray (sand structure)

AP71 Jet Black Matt

AP79 Alux DB

AP86 Papyrus White

AP90 Silky Gray

AP91 Concrete Gray


AP01 Special Oak

AP02 Natural Oak

AP11 Douglas fir

AP23 Golden Oak

AP25 Rosewood

AP26 Dark brown

AP27 Walnut

AP28 Walnut Terra

AP29 Walnut Amaretto

AP75 Sheffield Oak

AP93 Brown Sheffield Oak

AP94 Gray Sheffield Oak

AP95 Khaki Oak

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