We are a supplier of HST lift-and-slide patio doors. The 85mm thick sash system has been designed in response to the growing demands for creating increasingly larger window constructions. Design changes and the ability to use wider glass packages up to 51mm wide therefore allow us to offer unique sound-absorbing and thermal insulation properties.


Installation depth: 197 mm

Installation depth (leaf): 85 mm

Max. dimensions of the movable leaf: 3000 mm

Available opening options: A, C, D, F

Uf value: up to 1.1 W/m²K

Application: Terrace, balcony

A variety of solutions in one system

HST 85 mm doors provide a modular design and flexibility in choosing configurations. Therefore, this system is available in three different variants that can be adapted to thermal insulation requirements. From the basic version, through standard, to the premium version. Thanks to this, combined with the possibility of using energy-saving glass packages up to 51 mm wide, we achieve very high thermal insulation of the structure.

To ensure perfect tightness

To ensure proper tightness of the space between the moving HST door leaves in the closed position, a special system of overlapping catches equipped with rebate seals is used. Additionally, by introducing 85 mm deep leaves in the HST balcony door structures, the sealing node was modified. An EPDM seal with a tubular cross-section is used in this area both at the contact line between movable and stationary elements. This change made it possible to increase the air tightness of the connection, although it requires slightly greater forces to fully close the leaf.


"Barrier-free" threshold variant

Door thresholds with a low height of 48 mm can be integrated into the floor along their entire length. This allows them to be completely integrated with the floor surface. Additionally, thanks to special overlays, it is possible to align the threshold level with the floor surface, thus eliminating any architectural barriers.

Many opening possibilities available

HST lift-slide doors with a thickness of 85 mm are available in various versions and arrangements of leaves and non-opening parts. There are several popular HST door designs, including double-leaf variants – with one or both moving leaves – and four-leaf variants – with either two middle leaves or all moving leaves. Thanks to this, having the opportunity to choose from these configurations, we can adapt the HST doors to the individual preferences and needs of the user.


Breathtaking views

An important advantage of our HST patio doors is their flexibility in terms of possible structure sizes. The wing can reach an impressive width of up to 3.2 m and a height of up to 2.7 m in white. Thanks to this, you can create glazing that is even over six meters long. This ability to adjust sizes allows you to introduce large amounts of natural light and create a spacious opening to the terrace or garden.


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