Durable construction

Safe house

Our garage doors combine modern design and aesthetics with comfort of use and practicality. Our system provides a wide range of product configurations, allowing you to adjust the color, embossed pattern, panel texture and accessories used to your individual preferences.

Product characteristics

Our 40 or 60 mm thick gate panels are carefully filled with polyurethane foam, which guarantees excellent thermal insulation. Thanks to their well-thought-out design, our gates not only maintain heat, but also ensure full safety during use.

  • They are made of 500mm and/or 610mm high segments, which are insulated with PUR foam. 40mm;
  • The walls of the segments are made of steel, galvanized and polyester coated.
  • Torsion springs are designed for min. 15,000 work cycles;
  • They are equipped with protections such as:
    – protection of the panel segments against finger jamming 
    – protection against spring breakage
  • Opening the gate using handles and/or a cable or electric drive

Types of gate panels

Woodgrain narrow

Smooth without embossing

Smooth wide

Smooth narrow

Gates – veneered panels

Smooth anthracite

Anthracite (structure)

Dark oak

Jet black (aludec)


Turner oak malt


Golden Oak

Turner Oak Tofee

Other window veneers

Gates – varnished panels

Woodgrain anthracite

Smooth white

Woodgrain white

Woodgrain brown

Any RAL color

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