Blockprofile NL

That is, Dutch windows

They fit perfectly into the characteristic Dutch architecture.

We are a supplier of Dutch windows that use the Aluplast IDEAL 7000 NL and IDEAL 8000 NL systems. These windows are perfectly adapted to the Dutch architectural style. That is why NL systems perfectly match the standard installation depth that is typical for this market, namely 120 mm. Furthermore, we can combine them with different variants of 85 mm wide door leaves, providing a wide range of configuration options.


In addition to the characteristic wide door frames, the frames of these systems can also be provided with external rebates, which provides additional benefits. Thanks to this convenience, the installation of windows in buildings made of facing brick (clinker) becomes simple and aesthetic. – No additional masonry processing required.


By fitting in with the Dutch style, our windows not only provide functionality and energy efficiency, but also an aesthetic appearance. This design is in harmony with the characteristic architecture of the Netherlands. It is an excellent choice for those who want to maintain the authenticity and beauty of Dutch style in their home

Thermal comfort

The new Blockprofile NL windows with a width of 85 mm are a response to the increasingly stringent requirements regarding the thermal transmittance of windows and doors throughout Europe. Thanks to new designs, including wider sashes enabling the use of glass packages up to 51 mm wide, excellent thermal parameters of windows can be achieved.


Windows in the Blockprofile NL systems are characterized by a very low heat transfer coefficient of Uf = 1.0 – 1.1 W/m2K. This puts them at the forefront in terms of thermal insulation. Their frame and sash assembly width of only 113 mm allows for maximizing the glazed area, which is in line with current design trends.


Thanks to Blockprofile NL systems, innovative solutions and excellent thermal parameters, you can meet stringent requirements regarding energy savings and energy efficiency. These modern profiles are an ideal choice for those who strive to achieve excellent thermal parameters in their windows and at the same time want to enjoy the maximum glazed area, which is currently a popular design trend.

Stunning design

When producing Dutch windows, various variants of external (AD) and central (MD) seals are taken into account. Moreover, they are distinguished by different designs. Ideal 7000 NL windows, with a slightly more traditional design, perfectly meet current market requirements and have a 15 degree bevel. However, Ideal 8000 NL windows, with a slightly more cubist style, are characterized by perpendicular surfaces and beveled edges of 7 degrees.


Both systems have the same profile width of 113 mm, but differ optically. With the Ideal 8000 NL system, the lower wing is more hidden behind the higher frame. While with Ideal 7000 NL the outer surface of the visible wing is larger.


Thanks to this diversity, you can choose the right look with our new windows. It suits individual preferences and the architectural style of the building. Both products offer not only aesthetic solutions, but also excellent thermal performance and functionality. They provide comfort and satisfaction to users.


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